Accounting and Bookkeeping Fairy

For your small business in, but not limited to;
Construction; Plumbing; Landscaping; Independent Films, Freelance crew; Online Boutiques; Etsy income; YouTube income; Blogger income and more.  If you are generating an income making it, earning an income doing it, or raising money for it, you need to report it to the IRS.

Monday April 18, 2016 is just moments away. Are your 2015 books in order and reconciled? Do you have a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement ready for your investors/partners? Have your W-2s and 1099s been sent to the IRS?

Staying on top of your Books, Payroll, Monthly Reconciliation, Reports, Sales Tax, Franchise Taxes, State Income Taxes and much, much more.

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The Last Time You Had Fun

Director: Mo Perkins
Screenplay: Hal Haberman
Producer: Drea Clark

Consulting / Accounting: Clever Creatures Inc.