Client Care

The number one reason our clients come to us is because of time.  They don't have enough time for their business because they are spending so much time doing their bookkeeping, sales tax, payroll taxes, property taxes, franchise tax, etc, etc. No one starts their own business to spend all their time keeping the local and federal government happy. You have something special to offer your community, that's what inspired you to start your own business in the first place. Let us take care of the daily grind so you can stay the course and fulfill your professional goals and dreams.  Let us give you back your time! 

Giving Back

A portion of our monthly earnings go to the Houston SPCA, which helps to save and re-home abused and neglected animals in the Houston area and Together We Rise, which provides necessities like bicycles, roller bags and stuffed animals to children entering the foster care program nation wide.  Both are non-profit 501c3s

Our Mission

Clever Creatures Inc. believes that every small business and creative entrepreneur deserves to succeed at their business goals and dreams.  We are dedicated to providing support that is both personal and professional for all of our clients and their success.